Prescription Drug Abuse: Similarities Between Guerrero, Ledger, And Jackson

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Through time when many influential and impactful stars began launching their careers in, a certain wrestler begin his career path Eddie Guerrero fulfilled his dream of being a world-class champion wrestler in sports entertainment. Michael Jackson, who influenced lives on so many levels in his career, promoting world peace, Heath Ledger who was playing the role of one of the biggest action movies around that period. The similarity between Guerrero, Ledger, and Jackson is that all three died to drug overdoses while in the middle of their successful careers. Prescription drug abuse is an issue that has to be addressed as it has become very serious and needs help on prevention. Even though some prescription drugs help lives and it provides health…show more content…
According to a story in the NY Times, in 2011 a young mother received a call in the middle of the night informing her that her 3-day-old baby was going through withdrawals from opiates. They began to put the baby on heroin addiction drugs which could have long term affects as well but it was needed to help his pain. It resulted from the mother who had abused prescription painkillers like OxyContin for the first twelve weeks of her pregnancy. Doctors say the fact she tried to quit cold turkey which actually made this worse for the mother and child. It caused and resulted in the baby having seizures while still inside of the womb, so once out he was still craving the drug and needed treatment. This has been a rising challenge doctors have faced with newly born children being prescription drug dependent at a young age which could later result to continued prescription drug abuse in their lives. Most can fall into addiction very easily by many factors that include easier access to prescription drugs, such as working in a health care setting. Lack of knowledge about prescription drugs can lead to one also becoming addicted by their intake and use. A few more possible consequences include but not limited to joining in on risky behaviors because of poor judgment, using illegal drugs, being involved in crime due to addiction and wanting to provide, motor vehicle accidents with impaired driving, lowered abnormal academic or work performance, and troubled relationships with possible mood swings. Multiple health problems mainly in older adults and taking a variety of drugs can put them at risk of misusing drugs or becoming addicted. According to the online article on prescription drug

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