Poverty Inc Film Analysis

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Poverty Inc. Joy Wong I really like the subject of this film, this film is not for entertaining people but educating. After watching this video I realize that all of the false image about African that is poor and suffering famine and the way we thought are helping them are actually wrong, whereas the causes from media. Media is so powerful that can affect from a person to a whole country. The team of making this film is also trying to use the power of media to correct people’s misunderstanding of the poverty of Africa, and let people know why they were wrong and how to help them in a correct way. They don’t need more songs to gain more sympathy, they don’t need more celebrities to increase more exposure, they don’t need free food and free clothes any more, all they need is a fair equality of opportunity. An opportunity that let them…show more content…
However, when they met the orphan and realized that most of them actually have at least one live parent who did not mean to abandon their child but due to the difficulty to raise their own child within the environment. In order to change the situation, the couple starts a business to hire their parents and give them opportunities to work, which allows them to raise their children by themselves. This way is the only way that can benefit the people in the country. On the other hand, the promotion strategy, One for One, from “Toms” was not truly helping them but causing the serious impact to the local economic system. This is one of the examples of Paternalism, which the rich countries or people try to use their own way to help them but not consider the consequences by giving them supplies. This is a selfish and silly way, which only benefit the rich country and people by let them feel good about themselves with the ability to help other people, however, it directly and indirectly destroy the local economic

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