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Have you ever considered the negative effect of smoking marijuana? Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s “Pot Surgeon” is an advertisement made in the 1980’s that targets the negative aspects of the use of marijuana. The advertisement has a lot of debatable components that can make its purpose a tad bit obscure, which is why I have chosen to analyze it. The “Pot Surgeon” demonstrates that the writers want to scare the viewers who use and are for the legalization of marijuana to be against the legalization of marijuana. The writers use some cliché tactics and bad acting in attempt to get their point across. Overall, they did not do a very good job at reaching their goal, but it’s the effort that counts, right? In an Operating Room, the surgeon should not be doing anything aside from the procedures he or she has to take in order to operate. Yet, the surgeon in “Pot Surgeon” is smoking a joint in the OR, hoping to cut someone open for the wrong type of surgery. He also has two colleagues, who seem to be sober, standing behind him silently and not intervening. This is a scenario that no one wants to endure, and that is the exact reason why Partnership for a Drug-Free America is using it. They use a serious environment, a serious occupation, and a serious situation in order to manipulate the advertisement’s…show more content…
There is a surgeon who is supposed to be high on marijuana but acts as if he is high on laughing gas. There is a patient who is lying on the operating table watching as his surgeon prepares to indulge in malpractice. Also, there are two doctors behind the surgeon, who represent the lawyer and policeman mentioned in the voice over at the end of the advertisement, doing nothing. The characters make sense, but the way that they were portrayed compromises the message. With a serious scenario, scary music, and silly characters, the advertisement does not

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