Pope Leo 13's Impact On The Church

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Pope Leo 13 had greatly effected and impacted the Church. He has been considered the founder of the Catholic Social Teaching. His changes effected not only the church, but working conditions in the past generations leading up until now. Pope Leo 13 had accomplished many things in his life such as, becoming Pope, justifying working conditions, and effecting the church and people of the Church in the past, the present, and the many generations ahead of us. After Vincenzo completed his early studies at Viterbo in Rome, he then went to study at Accaddemia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici in Rome. Once he completed his studies there, he became an ordained a priest. education in Viterbo and Rome, he completed his studies at the Accademia dei Nobili Ecclesiastici. Vincenzo Gioacchino Pecci was ordained and entered the diplomatic service of the Papal States in 1837. His superiors became aware of his amazing qualities. Despite his health situation, they promoted him. These came quickly and he was made delegate of Benevento in 1838. The delegate is the equivalent of provincial governor. He was then transferred to a delegation of more importance of Perugia in…show more content…
Pope Leo had always got involved with civil government. His concern to renew the communications and dialogue between the Church and the world Flourished in his letters to the Catholics. He wrote many encyclical letters to Catholics. He wrote as many as 86 encyclical letters. He wrote 24 Apostolic letters. He wrote 100 regular letters and 10 Montu Propios. He didn’t stop there. He continued to write 18 speeches, 8 briefs, 8 Apostolic Constitutions, and one bull. One of his 86 encyclical letters include of Providentissimus Deus. The translation to that is “The Provident God”. He included how Catholics should interpret the Bible and how the State and Church should live together

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