Point Of View In The Blind Side By Michael Lewis

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The Blind Side by Michael Lewis is about the real life story of Michael Oher hence, this book is nonfiction. A narrator is used, to depict all of the main characters actions, and events throughout the book. The narrator is all knowing of every characters feelings and opinions. Therefore, this book is told in a 3rd person omniscient point of view. Using this point of view technique effectively, lets us feel how everyone of the characters feel. This book has one main character and four more significant dynamic characters, who contribute to the plot. So, this technique allows the reader to see the changes in characters throughout the story The novel takes place in Memphis, Tennessee where the Tuohy family lives. The Tuohy is a very rich modern…show more content…
At first the Tuohys are skeptical of allowing Michael to live with them. They claim it would only be for a few nights, however, they can’t let Michael live out on the streets again. As they allow Michael to live with them permanently, they see that Michael means no harm to the family. S.J. absolutely loves the fact that there’s a boy his age he gets to look up to. He even refers to Michael as his big brother at school. During the summer Michael and S.J. trained every single day in an effort to prepare for the upcoming football tryouts. Collin’s is constantly made fun of at school because it’s abnormal to have a black boy living with her family. However, Collin’s ignores them, because she truly cares and loves her big brother Michael. As for Mr. and Mrs. Tuohy, they give Michael his own bed, his very first bed. Them opening their home up to Michael instead of turning Michael to Child Services, they take care of him. This shows the reader how they really accept Michael into their family, and care for him. They even hire a tutor for Michael so he can get his gpa up in order to attend college for football in the fall. However, Michael returns the favor by protecting the family. For example, when Leigh Tuohy goes to find Michael’s mother, and a gang member makes sexual gesture towards her Michael tells him to back off. Another example would be the car accident S.J. and Michael get into. Michael, was not paying attention and got blindsided by a truck. However, Knowing that the airbag would certainly kill S.J. on impact, Michael saves his life by sticking his arm in front of the airbag to stop it. S.J. survives with minor bruising, Michael with a broken arm. This sense of caring for one another is continuously brought up throughout the book. It really shows how they grow as a

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