Poem Essay: An Analysis Of Life's Choices

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In my opinion, this poem is and would remain a classic because its content and meaning is still very much relatable to every individual in the world today. This poem which simply talks about life’s choices we must make and the consequences of these choices have on our lives. Whether better or worse, this poem portrays the fact that we all at one point or the other certain situations require that we make tough choices which would have the potential to alter the course of our lives. In the first stanza of this poem, we see that the speaker is standing at a fork where he must choose between two path or roads before him. The speaker regretfully acknowledges the fact that he cannot go down both paths simultaneously and therefore he must immediately…show more content…
He begins to see how this path feels and seems to have a feeling of regret, but finds solace in the thought that he can always turn around and take the second path. However, the speaker acknowledges that a turning around would not be possible because walking down a path is not straight. He reiterates the facts because paths are not straight, walking down that path would lead him to other paths where he would be too far away to turn back and start afresh on the second path not chosen. Again, this stanza is not far from metaphorically depicting real life situations. Decision we make lead to other decision thereby making it impossible to undo these decisions and start from scratch. For example, I once saw someone who decided to take a job in another continent with the assurance that he could always come back to the United States if he did not like the job. He starts the job, gets married and has kids. Fifteen years down the road in his new job in a different continent he gives up and realizes that he made a mistake. However, his life was so structured and settled that there was no way and no point in coming back to the United States. This stanza of this poem simply tells it all. It explains real life consequences of real life decisions in a metaphorical

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