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Let me tell you about my cousin Pocahontas and I know you are like there is no way she is related to Pocahontas but I am. I know that I am related to her because I looked on my family tree and saw that she is on my dad’s side of the family. So let me tell you about her. Pocahontas was a peacemaker and the daughter of Chief Powhatan, who ruled Tsenacommacah in Virginia. She was born around 1590.She was named Matoaka which meant “Little Snow feather”, but she used her nickname “Pocahontas” that has been translated as “Bright Stream between Two Hills” by the English and by the Powhatans as “playful one”. She grew up in her father’s village and learned how to search for food and firewood. When the English came to their land, they built a town called Jamestown and Pocahontas met an Englishmen named John Smith. Pocahontas had a connection with the English through Captain John Smith. While Smith was exploring the river, he was captured by Powhatan’s relative. Before Powhatan killed Smith, Pocahontas got in the way by putting her head on his head.…show more content…
Later in Pocahontas’ life, she was captured by the English. The English demanded Powhatan to release English prisoners. When Powhatan declined to give back the prisoners, the English kept Pocahontas as a prisoner. So, Pocahontas went to England to learn about the European

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