Informative Essay On Dyslexia

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1.Imagine,everywhere you go you seeing stuff backwards. Well that's how I saw pretty much everything.I’ve had to experience this disorder also known as dyslexia for 3 years of my life.Dyslexia is also know as ,A learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading,writing, or listening.` When I first started kindergarten I was enthusiastic about learning to spell, but after the first day and coming home with homework that seemed to take me years to finish I asked my mom for help.We started on spelling. “Ok Jesse, how do you spell bed?”asked Mom. “deb,” I spelled. She looked at me in a way I have never seen her look before,like she was scared. She asked me how to spell it again. “deb,” I wrote, puzzled why she had repeated the question. “Ok…show more content…
My Mom looked them over and smiled at me,it was a new smile one I hadn't seen before.Almost fake. A couple weeks had passed school was getting harder but I was managing to keep up.One day after school my mom took me out to get the most creamy,smooth, mouthwatering ice cream I had ever had!It was a fabulous day! “Jesse,before we head home I would like to make 1 stop is that ok?” “Sure” I stated with a mouth full of ice cream. We pulled up to a building I had never seen before.The smell was atrocouis I think i had to hold my breath the whole way up the stairs! “Mom where are we going?”I inquired. “You’ll see sweetie,” responded…show more content…
Laureen's Speech Therapy.”Wow, I thought those are big words I can't believe I could spell those out! As we entered my mom approached me to a room with a big machine that was typing all on its own!their was a lady sighting a desk back facing us. She was a broad shaped women with carmel colored hair. “Hi,Is this Ms. Laureen’s Office,” my Mom inquired. “Yes,this is.Welcome Jesse!” responded the lady. As she exited her office the first thing I noticed were Her eyes. They were the color of milk chocolate edged with a deep forest-green. Sometimes the two colors seemed to swirl together like moss creeping over rich soil. And when she smiled both colors ignited with a glow dazzling her with the warmth of the deep brown and the seductive green dancing around its edge..She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen..She motioned for me to join me in her office.I was timid but the look in her eyes was welcoming so I went in. As we enter her office I noticed she had quite a lot of words on her wall. “Hi,Jesse my name is Ms. Laureen's and you are going to take a short test today is that ok with you,” she inquired. ‘Of course,” I

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