Plea Bargaing

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These were the lyrics of the song titled ‘fuck the police’ by one of the American hip hop group from Compton, California. It was one of the earliest and most significant popularizers of the ‘gangsta’ rap and West Coast hip hop subgenres, and is widely considered one of the seminal groups in the history of hip hop music. This well-known group, named N.W.A consisted of only African-Americans, Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Ren expressed through their music their repugnant and bitter feelings towards law enforcement officers. Although the song was successful and well played all over, many on the other hand hold a grudge against it because of its obscene languages and obvious message, one which as they claimed was intended…show more content…
I think no matter of one’s race, it is still possible to be a victim of the system. For instance, if we examine the ‘Plea Bargaining’ method, it stands to reason that only a person of the working class would succumbs to such plea. Plea bargains offered a way out: by pleading guilty to lesser charges in return for dismissal of the more serious charges, defendants could reduce their prison time, while the prosecution could resolve the case without burdening the system with more trials. And like Jeff S. Rakoff evokes in his article ‘Why Innocent People Plead Guilty’, such plea often causes innocent people to refrain from trying to argue their innocents in court because they are afraid that if it does not work, they will get a much more lengthy sentence than the one offered. Therefore, I think it is unnecessary to conduct a statistical research to conclude that these above 90 % of people, guilty or not, who submit to a plea bargaining have to belong in the working class. It is logical that it is a matter of affordability, that a private lawyer could have assure their freedom much more than a state
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