Playgroundroom Observation

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R stands on a yellow crayon and stretches the right arm at me. I hold her hand and we walk out of the room, and to the playground. Arriving at the gate of the playground R lets go of my hand and walks straight to the playground set. She is stepping up the first level of the playground pushing down on the set with the right hand and putting up the left leg first until she made it. R sits down and looks at her new arrived in class friend, N, she is babbling to him that is sitting in front of her. N turns to the other side, but R gets up and sits in front of him on the other side too, and stares at him. N starts babbling loud, and pointing with his finger out of the playground set. R gets up and goes up and down the set, helping herself with her…show more content…
She indicates initiative and curiosity exploring the playground, initiating activity going down the slide. Uses creativity and inventiveness looking at me behind the poles and smiling (AZITDG pg.30). Indicators of reasoning and problem solving(pg.31/32 AZITDG) pointing, using sounds, showing interest in repeating events, going down the slide few times. She explores freely when we arrived at the playground she let me go my hand, expressing that she can do by herself (developed in toddlers 15 to 36 months). Language Development and Communication Subject indicates listening and understanding (AZITDG pg.37) in language and communication, listening to N babbling to her, understands routines, or words answering at my question if she wanted to go down the slides. She has indications of developing communication and speaking(AZITDG pg.39), using gestures, pointing (advanced social gesture developed in babies at 10 months, text pg.178), at N going down the slide, uses sounds to communicate babbling (usually developed during the 6 to 10 month text pg.177) to N showing the number roll or asking him to play with it. Cognitive

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