Plato Vs Aristotle Essay

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Presentation Report Course: HSS202-Perspectives on Knowledge Topic: Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle Group Name : Immiscible Wavelets Members: Gaurav Rathee(2013036) Farheen Shah(2013133) Rohit Singh(2013080) Nitin Varun(2013070) Sabbella Sai Hemanth Reddy(2013152)2014/Monsoon/POk/ Aristotle Vs Plato Immiscible Wavelets Aristotle Vs Plato ATTRIBUTES Notable ideas ARISTOTLE PALTO The Golden mean, Platonic realism Reason, Logic(Law of Syllogism) Main interests Politics, Metaphysics, Rhetoric, Art, Literature, Science, Logic, Ethics Epistemology, Justice, Virtue, Politics, Education, Family, Militarism School / Philosophical Inspired the Peripatetic Tradition school and tradition of Platonism Aristotelianism Born 384 BC 428 BC Death 322 BC 348…show more content…
He beleived in practicallity. He said that the material laws & the facts of the universe exist even though individual minds may not be able to see or perceive them. Instead of a republic state, he said that politics is needed and we require a working government. Rejecting Plato's idea that there should not be any human selfishness he actually acknowledged human selfishness and valued the concept of SELF. He supported the idea of private property, one's own family & one's belongings contrary to Plato who said that everyone is everyone's family. Aristotle said that there cannot be a perfect society but we have to maintain a balance in order to achieve social unity. So the basic idea of realism was only that things we see around actually exist and there is nothing like a blueprint of those somewhere above. According to his theory of golden mean he said that in order for one to be really happy there need to be a balance and this balance is known as the golden mean. For an example courage if excessive leads to RASHNESS while a deficiency of

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