Plato Allegory Of The Cave Summary

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Greek Philosophy Proficiency The story written by Plato Allegory of the cave, Plato talks about these men being trapped in a cave. Plato talks about these three men who cannot look behind them. They have a puppet show happening right behind them, but can only see the shadows. In modern life the cave represents a sense of being trapped or imprisoned in something unpleasant. Modern times some people feel like they are trapped in a religion they do not want to be in. Which makes them rebel against their families, because they feel like they cannot do what they want or feel. According to Plato “and if he is compelled to look straight at the point, will he not have his own freedom to do what he wants, which will make him turn away?” With being trapped in a religion you feel like you are obligated to be in that certain religion. You want to make your parents happy, so you do what they want…show more content…
At a certain age you are able to get a job. With having a job, you have to go every day to earn money. When you have days off you do not get paid. When you go to work it is very important to be there every day. Jobs are a sense of being in an unpleasant situation. You never usually hear people say “I am so happy to go to work today” Private schools make you wear uniforms every day. If you refuse to wear the uniform you could get kicked out for not following their rules. Public schools you can only wear appropriate clothing the school approves of. Which if you do not take off an inappropriate piece of clothing, you could get suspended or even worse. These two types of schools make students feel like they are in an unpleasant situation. They feel forced to do what the schools says. Religious schools are very strict. In order to go to a religious school they need to make sure you know what they stand for, what their rules are, and what they believe

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