Planned Change In Social Work

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Casework is conducting needs assessments, providing information and referrals, and accessing resources to help resolve personal challenges (Berg-Weger, 2013). This method was used by the early social workers which brought about the planned change process in social work. The planned change is a process in which the social worker and client collaborate to plan and then execute a series of actions designed to enhance the client’s functioning and well-being. The planned change consists of four phases which are engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Engagement phase is the process of eliciting information in an open and sincere manner using both verbal and nonverbal communication (Berg-Weger, 2013). Previously, I use to volunteer as crisis call…show more content…
When that happens, the call taker will have to go up there and be with the victim. I had to make sure to build the trust and show her that I was there to help her anyway I could. Of course, I had a backup person there from the center with me that had more experience. This was my first time ever assisting with a victim. Like Emily in the textbook, I can relate to what Emily felt and experience with the victim. The next phase is assessment. Assessment is the professional activity conducted with the client that provides the basis for understand the client’s situation and planning the social work intervention (Berg-Weger, 2013). While we were there at the hospital with the rape victim, we ask questions just to get a feel on what she may need immediately or in the future. Our assessment of her was she was going to need some support. She had a trouble past and her family was not supportive of her. She was afraid no one will believe her because has product of the system. We reassured her that there are resources out there that will help her if she is willing to receive it. The next phase is intervention. Intervention is the phase of the social work relationship in which the actual work is completed

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