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NASCAR pit crew members have a very physical and important job that plays a big part in the team’s success week in and week out. A lot of people think that NASCAR drivers and pit crew members are not athletes these people are very wrong. The pit crew is competing against forty two other teams on an average five times a race. This is not an easy job not only do they have to perform a full service pit stop on the car they will have forty two other cars passing them at a pit road speed limit which varies depending on the track. These athletes do not get the recognition they deserve I think this is because majority of people do not know how important and hard there job is. These athletes train and work out every day to stay at the top of their game so they can perform at their highest…show more content…
A few of the questions I asked consisted of. Would you do anything else if you could? James replies I played college football and I loved it but after I started being a part of a NASCAR crew I would not change it for anything. Why would you not want to do anything else what is it that you enjoy the most? James: I love traveling to a different city every weekend being able to see all the beautiful things that the US has to offer. I love the competition and the thrill of knowing that I am a big part of the team’s success. Does it bother you that you the crew members do not get the fame and recognition that the drivers and crew chiefs get? No it does not bother me I do it for the love of the sport and that feeling you get when I get when I help my driver gain spots on pit road. How long do you want to be a crew member James? I would love to do it for the rest of my life but I think when the time comes that I cannot perform and be good at it I will have to give it

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