Sonia Sanchez's Short Story 'Norma'

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Sonia Agrees to Never Agree Again In the short story “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez, a girl named Sonia is in math, her teacher is horrible. Norma gets called on by her math teacher, she is very confident and does the math problem. In French Norma has a conversation with the teacher, she is snapping at her. After that Norma was very quiet which made Sonia hate French class. Norma gets pregnant and got expelled from school. Norma and Sonia meet and promise to meet again. Sonia never agrees to never agree again because she is disappointed by Norma for making that decision. A reason Sonia is deceived is because she always agreed with Norma and everything she said. Norma helped her learn math and do her homework. Norma was a big influence in Sonia’s

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