Philosophy Vs Religion

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Philosophy means "The love and engrossment of wisdom". It naturally widens our ideology, view, and reasoning in life. Which then allows us to expand our knowledge as human beings as we stumble upon questions in life that we wish to decipher. As for the first philosophers or "Presocratics" they were very different in their way's of thinking and were engrossed with concentering rational unity. The Presocratics are most known for their interest in physics and their inquiries involving it. The first Presocratics included the man named Thales, who is known and respected as the father of Greek Philosophy. He is known as such due to his cosmological thesis regarding water being the main substance and origin of nature. Thales came to this conclusion due to seeing water turn into air. Though another upcoming philosopher named Anaximander thought that the origin substance was unlimited. As for one of his fellow philosophers during Anaximander's life came along Anaximenes with A different thought on the matter. Anaximenes was well acclaimed and renowned for his Doctrine of air and a doctrine of change. The Doctrine of air being that all natural forces were consistently affected by air and would absorb it so everything consisted of air. While Anaximenes…show more content…
This is where it get's rather interesting as that they are not all that different and in fact have more similarities than differences. However the differences that do exist are rather straightforward. For instance one difference is the amount of belief that Religion uses. As you would assume religion has to use A very significant amount of faith due to it's need to believe in something without any observational evidence of it existenting or occuring. Conversely philosophy is much less focused on belief and more on factual evidence that can be proven and theories with proof that can be explained or

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