Pharrell Williams 'Happy': Song Analysis

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Regarding to songs played that have great influence on the happiness it can render to listeners, Happy is a song that brings cheer to those who listens to this song. For starters, the song: Happy by Pharrell Williams plays an influence on how happy a music listener can become. For instance, the song, “Happy” is a song that delivers a positive message to music listeners, thus contributing to many listeners forgetting any stressful situations that can be present in life. Basically “Happy” is a song that everyone can listen to and dance to its rhythm as well. Not to mention, it renders hope to those who are feeling down due to any event that they encountered. In regards to those who supports this song, Eric Clarke, Oxford professor and author…show more content…
Not to mention, women had to work even more. For instance, according to the article, Gender Roles in the 1930’s: “After a long day at work women were expected to come home and do everything that needs to be done in the house”. With this in mind, women were basically over-worked and they were under compensated for their labor. In the article, Men, Women and Happiness by Nikki Williamson, he mentions that: “When it comes to men, women and happiness, then it is not enough to discuss what makes each gender happy as separate entities; we also need to consider what makes us as partners”. In other words, Williamson states the complexities of what makes either a man or a woman happy. One can only try to understand each…show more content…
In other words, in the three films, the characters basically fought against the odds, thus remaining insistent on what they wanted to achieve. There were always factors that showed the characters the fact that there was hope regardless to what situation they encountered. In the film, It’s a Wonderful Life, George did faced a series of unfortunate events; just like in The Pursuit of Happiness with Chris and in the Modern Times with Charlie. Of course, George was to the point of ending his life, thus not taking any regards to his family and friends. Of course, it took an angel to reveal the blessings George has, which made him react and become grateful of the blessings he possess. Nowadays, some individuals who strive to succeed envisions negative situations as an inspiration to strive for the better in life. However, there are others who uses negative situations as an excuse for not trying to change their present and create a better future. In the article, Becoming Alive Again: Find Happiness Right Where You Are by Julia Mathews, she states: “I accepted that there were things about my life that I couldn’t change and I stopped torturing myself about them”. With this mentioned, Mathews is implying that one must not search further for happiness because happiness can be found where

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