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Jesse Duwe ED 351/551 Sect. 2 Dawn Collins Petey For class we were given the assignment of reading a book about a person with exceptionalities. I decided to read the book Petey by Ben Mikaelsen. After reading the book about a man with cerebral palsy, and the struggles he had to go through in his daily life, I gained appreciation for the life that I have. I now see how much harder life could be and that I am truly blessed. Throughout this paper I will be talking about Petey, and a student who I may have in my future classroom. I will also describe the various accommodations I plan on making for Petey so he can be part of the class and not feel left out. The school gymnasium is not always seen as a normal classroom setting, but just as much learning…show more content…
He is currently in a wheelchair since his disability doesn't’t allow his legs to function normally. Petey was born with cerebral palsy. When Petey was born they believed him to be mentally retarded and sent him away to live in a mental institution.However, this was not the case.Petey was crippled by the effects of cerebral palsy that didn't’t allow his body to function normally but he was still smart and cognitively active. He could not really talk, but Petey could make sounds and nod his head, as well as make other movements. This all started for Petey when he was born. In the 1920's they were unsure of his disorder, they did not know what cerebral palsy was, so instead they labeled him as mentally retarded. They placed him into an institution. He would spend most of his life in beds and such, and then later in his life in a wheelchair. Petey may have suffered from cerebral palsy and in a time that didn't’t know much about the disorder yet he was a pretty smart guy. He had many good qualities such as even though he had to go through a tough life he still cared about people and those that cared about him. He was always there for Trevor and his other friends. Although he could not talk or walk and do other activities he did pay attention and listened when his friends talked to him. These are some of the many strengths of Petey's…show more content…
Eliminate some of the rules: When we are going over certain sports or games, we may have to make changes to some of the rules so that Petey can still be successful. Such as in basketball changing the rules of traveling. Since Petey cannot dribble the ball there cannot be a rule of traveling. This does not change the game, but accommodates Petey's needs. 9. Time limits: I may have to increase the time limit of classes or dates of completion so as to allow Petey to be successful. He may need longer periods of hands on time to cover the same material. He may need extended due dates on certain skills/or projects. 10. Teacher demonstrations: when it comes to actually performing the task or skill, I may have to actually do the whole thing so that Petey can see it and how it will work. He may have some trouble hearing certain parts, so if I demonstrate it he can better understand what I expect of him. This also can help alleviate any concerns or fears he may

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