Persuasive Speech About Aliens

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Many people believe that Aliens don't exist that even though there are billions of planets that we are the only life, but just remember me when in the next 20 years aliens come to our planet and show themselves, I'll be there to say I told you. Our universe is only one of approximately 200 billion more universes I want you to imagine that, we are literally a spec on the map. Even the company SETI, which stands for Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence believes there is a big chance that there is alien existence “We just haven't found it yet”. The biggest piece of information they go off is the “Drake Equation” the Drake Equation is used “to estimate the number of communicating civilizations in the cosmos” which pretty much means what are…show more content…
If that case is not enough take a look at the Roswell crash the most famous sighting of a UFO anyone who has even slightly believed in aliens has heard about this case. The crazy thing is it happened a couple months after Kenneth Arnold’s story coincidence, I don't think so anyways what happened was Farmer, William “Mac” Brazel encountered what he said “looked like metallic rods, chunks of plastic and unusual, papery scraps” After he reported this to the local police nearby soldiers from the Roswell air force base came and grabbed all the materials. The papers quickly said “A flying saucer has crashed” but soon after military police came and said it was a weather balloon. I mean that just gives off a “cover up” vibe, why would literally military police and soldiers come to a so called weather balloon crash there is no way even if the government said oh its a top secret balloon. Weather balloons have been around since the 1930’s and there is no way tons of army officials would go just to recover it. The whole idea just seems crazy that something like that would be a weather balloon which is why the whole town of Roswell, New Mexico truly believe that a UFO really did crash. They have whole museums about the crash I mean the city is literally known as the town

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