Persuasive Essay On Video Surveillance

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Video surveillance has become a widely used technique to enhance security in both public and private environments. This advancement have given the government the opportunity to observe individuals through street cameras, subway cameras, and just about any place you can think of. This gives rise to doubt and controversy to government claims that this resource is a way to protect society, and popularizes the underlying question of how crucial security is when it diminishes the concept of privacy. The ideology of video surveillance keeping the vast majority safe brings into question how technological advances are used, the relationship between oppression of underrepresented individuals and national security, and how surveillance for national security…show more content…
Facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated as well, and police departments are beginning to augment surveillance cameras with real-time facial scanning (540). The flexibility that comes with video surveillance is exactly why it has become a popular way in which to monitor national security, however it is this flexibility that completely undermines individuals perception of public access, and privacy. Individuals become unaware that they may actually be monitored within the entirety of their existence. This allows for a lack of knowledge and consent to the information that is being collected and why exactly it is being needed. Discrimination and bias also play a role in raising concerns about video surveillance, as well as the practice of the First Amendment. As surveillance improves so do the negative ramification of its aspects increase. Discrimination due to color, religion, and gender is observed greatly throughout nations, but it is alarming when the cameras that are supposed to protect us target minorities in a self indulgent matter. As stated by Olivia J.

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