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Annotated Bibliography BEIDLER, PHILIP D. "The Great Party-Crasher: Mrs. Dalloway, The Great Gatsby, And The Cultures Of World War I Remembrance." War, Literature & The Arts: An International Journal Of The Humanities 25. (2013): 1-23. Academic Search Alumni Edition. Web. 2 Oct. 2015. In this article Philip Beidler, an American literature professor, contextualizes and compares The Great Gatsby to Mrs. Dalloway by pointing out how both novels are influenced by World War one. Specifically, Beidler argues that Nick, Gatsby and Septimus from Mrs. Dalloway are victims of Post-traumatic disorder and shell shock as they fought in World War One. Also, Beidler traces the figure of Septimus through similar novels of the post war era. Next, Beidler talks…show more content…
Dalloway. Gillen points out that the characters in the novel do not accept the present and other critics point out the ironic way in which Woolf treats her characters. Gillen rejects these forms of criticism because he poses that none of these critical trends illuminate the creative scope of Mrs. Dalloway. Gillen uses Mrs. Dalloway as an example of the novel’s intricacies when he compares Mrs. Dalloway’s happiness to the objects that provide her with happiness, when he considers how her narrative style is a form of social mockery, and how the characters in the book represent the shifting and indefinite portrait of Mrs. Dalloway. Gillen ends his article by arguing that Mrs. Dalloway is an example of the notion that life is best appreciated when the present in viewed through the harsh light of critique and with ambiguity. Gillen then ends with the notion that Woolf wanted to blur the distinctions between sensibility and pattern and intuition and criticism through her character…show more content…
In other words, Woolf proves the characters have comparable interpretations of life in London. Tolliver Brown displays this notion when he argues that the characters reminisce about their lives either before or after World War One. In other words, their lives were divided and distorted by the Great War. In fact, Tolliver Brown argues that characters, such as Septimus, still suffer the effects of combat.Finally, Tolliver Brown argues that the structure of Mrs. Dalloway is influenced by Einstein’s theory of relativity and discourses of the modern period that explore the relationships between space and

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