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media can be more ease than the past. But there is still have the baseline for those media about what they show to viewers. Censorship and regulation in Media mostly have explicit by laws which limit the freedom of media. One of the reason that why the government and laws are limiting their power on the news they share is because more and more people are getting information from via their articles and videos. Media regulation and censorship basically take many forms of ways in the way to get to that news before reaching us. News stories are often edited so that that story won’t be offensive to viewers and not break laws. In the past, people not very keen on relying media because of technology still not advanced. But nowadays important and false…show more content…
According to BBC news(2017), Singapore's media environment is well-controlled by the government. Self-censorship is quite customary, there are a lot of depress on the online content, and the hidden use of those satellite receivers is not agreed for everyone. Media can be known as a communication tool and information ‘centre’ for people that can receive and deliver data.In fact, media is a kind of boundary that can link people so that they can bring their information up to date, when the media is highly controlled, people won’t get mislead and committed crimes. One of the advantages that regulations and censorship that strictly controlling it can filter harmful, sensitive, awkward and inconvenient article away from innocent and related people. According to Wagner, Schools set some software which was trying to meet requirement of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), a law which passed for covering the public schools and libraries. The law requires filtering to protect children against those "inappropriate" and "harmful materials" on the Internet, as well as protecting students "safety and secured" when using e-mail, chatting applications and "other forms of direct communications through the…show more content…
That changes if a minor is charged to any adult, like in the cases of violent crime( Halbrooks, G.,2017 ). It shows that censorship is a good way to protect the party not to be attacked by readers which can also make the suicide rate decreased. Music will also be censored due to some religious or some sensitive issues that will affect others regular lifestyle.It is usually banned from playing on the radio, with only pirated sites are able to view these as downloads. Even offensive lyrics are silenced to avoid innocence listeners from hearing abusive content. Usually, music artists will make and save two versions for a same song, in straightforward and in a clean format. Genres are treated differently depending on what the lyrics convey (Manohar.U.,2016).Music censorship needs to be improved so that it won’t wasted the effort of music producers and the right to listen. Some of the people think that the censorship of the music in recent year is getting strict due to most of the producer starting to put some lyrics that is not elegant but rude and there is a lot of people learned rude words from those lyrics when they are not

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