Personal Reflection: High School Softball Team

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Two reference groups that have directly affected me and the way that I feel about myself would be my former training program at my old college Mohawk Valley Community college and my former high school softball team. At MVCC I was a part of the training program and the people in the group constantly had an effect on how I felt about myself. I would always think how come some people in the group understood the clinical techniques so fast? Are my grades high enough to succeed in this program? Should I spend more time practicing? These are the day by day questions that I would ask myself. I used my peer’s success and failure in the program to measure my own ability and potential outcome in the program. Some peers made me feel confident in what…show more content…
Another reference group that I frequently use is my high school softball team. I use this group as a reference for my health and feelings about myself. Softball was a major part of my life in high school and some of my best memories. When I want to evaluate my current health I often think, was I able to do that during my softball years? or I used to be able to do this back then so why can I now? When I played softball I was high in confidence and always having a good time so when I am having bad feelings I think did I always feel this way when I was playing softball or is this new? I also use it as a reference to when I’m having a good time I find myself comparing my enjoyment against my softball memories like man this as is fun as being with the softball team, or this sucks compared to the times we had during softball. So these are my two main reference groups that I use to compare my well-being, feelings and production about myself. They are always my go-to’s and I usually have a better understanding after I take the time to look back and compare to these points in my life. They are both stable groups that I played a major role in and act as sufficient comparisons as to where I am now and where I was at those points in my

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