Lost Brother By Stanley Moss Analysis

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When reading “Lost Brother” by Stanley Moss I could clearly see his connection with nature. People have always had a connection with nature in various ways, but sometimes we forget about nature while we try to keep up with our busy lives. Moss tries to remind us to look around us and enjoy the world we live in, because we are slowly killing it. He also reminds us about the circle of life, how everything eventually dies. Right from the beginning Moss associates himself with nature “ I knew that tree was my lost brother… I know we had the same mother” (1-4) Moss gives himself family ties with the tree giving more of an impact. Here I know that by mother he means Mother Nature, this making it clearer as to why he says the tree is his brother; because we too are part of nature. In this poem Moss gave the tree a life. yes, it was alive but moss gave it a story. He talked about the weather and…show more content…
“ I am prepared to live as long as he did (it would please our mother), live with the clouds and those I love suffering with God. Sooner or later, some bag of winds will cut me down.” (20-24) At the end of the poem “The bag” can be seen as the industry of today going around cutting trees down and destroying nature. The last sentence is what I was talking about the cycle of life. This last sentence has a very sad tone to it because that is the way that trees lives end, by being cut down. Not being acknowledged as a living thing, just another obstacle to get rid of. This is also why Moss adds in the part of living with those he loves (the rest of nature, like the animals) while suffering with God. Taking a viewpoint in religion, he believes that God made this world and all in it. Making God sad by how we humans (also his creation) kill off

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