Chattanooga, Tennessee-Personal Narrative

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As I peer out the window I begin to hear the sound of water rushing up ahead and see an amazing site. We are about to arrive at our destination and my adrenaline starts to pump. The bus comes to a stop, everyone grabs their gear, gets off, and as I exit the bus I finally get a good look at the intimidating rapids It was about 8:00 a.m. when we hopped in the car and set off for Chattanooga, Tennessee. We had lots of fun things planned for our vacation. One of those things was white-water rafting in some of the most dangerous rapids in Tennessee. That was all I could think about during our seven hour car ride besides how cramped I was. We’d been on the road for countless hours when all the sudden we passed a sign that said “Welcome to Tennessee.” I was immediately relived to see this since it meant I’d be able to get out of the car soon. About an hour into Tennessee we reached Chattanooga and our awesome hotel. It was in the downtown area where there was tons of local restaurants and fun things to do; but for now we just parked the car and checked in to the hotel.…show more content…
I grabbed some cookies from the snack counter and followed the rest of my family to the elevator with all of our things. Our room was on the top floor, which was cool, but the inside of the room was even better. Since it was on the top floor we had an amazing view of the city. Everyone rushed down to the pool right after we got situated and swam for about two hours. We then went back upstairs, got changed, and walked around the city for about an hour before stopping at a well-known barbeque restaurant downtown. They have the best ribs in Tennessee in my opinion. We left the restaurant with our stomachs stuffed and walked back to the hotel. That night I went to sleep excited about the white-water rafting adventure we were going to go on tomorrow

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