Personal Narrative: Race, Gender, And Sexuality

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Canadian. Beautiful. Affluent. Unbiased. Loved. Sounds like the perfect life, doesn't it? That’s the glory I was born into. A young, Indian daughter of two successful immigrants that loved their second child more than life itself. I was raised with the mindset that I was no different. Everywhere I went as a child, I was accepted. Although my parents tried their best to guard me from the world, societal “norms” eventually made their way into my life. Many of my pre-conceived notions of life were tainted as I grew to have my own accounts with Race, Gender, Power and Sexuality. At a young age, I became quite aware of the strength race and power had. Being a light tan, bubbly little girl, I saw racism in one of its most innocent forms. Kindergarten was an interesting place. Every child carried their values on their shoulders.…show more content…
Grade 4. I was the queen bee of my little class clique, everyone loved me. Everyone, but one. Theodore Landers. The tall, funny, charismatic football player. I might've been the queen bee, but he was the real king of the class. Every girl had a secret crush on him, and so did I. We would talk very often and eventually became best friends. Every recess, we played on the big toy together. I can still remember that recess I felt a certain kind of way for the first time. We were on the swings, hand in hand, and suddenly he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think I like you, a lot.” Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I closed my eyes and felt big, wet lips on mine. I had never felt something “down there” before. From this experience, I realized I wanted to feel loved and protected, and would confide in a man for companionship. The “other side” never interested me much. I was lucky to have my gender fall in line with my sexuality, and it made me accept and understand people that struggled with this aspect better when I came to terms with

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