Personal Narrative: Ocean Shores

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The waves rock and churn before me, the same water but never the same. Although my life has changed drastically, this place, my anchor, never does. Ocean Shores is a little beach town on the Washington State coastline, known for its cool, breezy summers and laid back atmosphere. Just as the waves come back again and again to kiss the sand before being pulled away, so too does my family return here year after year. In this place my past and present become blurred, as I drown deep in tides of reminiscence and regret. I should be glad because of all the warm memories I had when I was younger, but instead I feel bittersweet, because I know that those innocent times will never occur again. Staring out at those hypnotizing waves I become entranced, as my mind sinks into the past, remembering when my family was whole. Back then my mother used to come with us. She, my father, sister and I would all head out to the beach together, excited for a day filled with kite flying and splashing in the shallow waves. Ocean Shores is in the Pacific…show more content…
Everything that happened after those sweet memories is harder to recall in detail; it’s just a barrage of my parents’ endless screaming and crying and cursing and rage, all hushed museum-silent with the slam of the door my mother walked out of. Now turning away from the waves, as if to shield them from my emotions, I wipe the pre-tears out of my eyes with the back of my sleeve while gazing out at all of the half-submerged logs on the beach, looking like forgotten toys in a sandbox. It’s here that I realize that my although the past will never be repeated, new cheery memories swim just beyond the horizon. Despite my mother’s absence here, despite feeling like something is missing, I can still carry on and rise like high tide to greet the future with open arms. That’s what my mother would have wanted me to do. The past is out of my control. The future

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