Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Dominican Republic

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My parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic, but I was born in America. I visit the Dominican Republic every summer, and each visit I gain a new perspective on how people view the island. Tourists may view it as amazingly peaceful, white-sand beaches with rows of palm trees, and the people living there may feel the complete opposite. However to me, it’s also about seeing the people I don’t get to see that often, my family. Reminiscing on the past, I remember seeing the joy in other people’s faces as they first land at the airport and hearing the claps of everyone’s hands as the plane’s wheels hit the ground. People were excited to go to their luxurious hotels, get the sun-kissed tan they waiting all year long for, and eat at the all-you-can-eat buffets with food that many can’t even make on their own. Many people think they get a glimpse of the reality of this area during the car ride from the…show more content…
Most wake up in a small house made out of cement blocks and metal panels as roofs. They see mothers having to leave their children at the neighbor’s house so she could be able to work. Women receive low wages for scrubbing floors and wiping down windows, or caring for misbehaved children that cry if Barney isn’t on. Some earn a living by selling food on the sides of the roads similar to the hot dogs stands in New York City. Each stand would have different foods such as empanadas, sandwiches, or even pizza. Seeing children with worn-out clothes, barefoot is common when living in an area of poverty. When children walk to school they smell all the unique foods, dirt from the bumpy old road, and hear the small pebbles rolling down as their feet touch the ground. Having visited the Dominican Republic hundreds of times and seeing all its different areas, its evident that the people there have a different out look on life and are thankful for everything they

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