Personal Narrative: My Journey To Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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I've never listened to the saying “Never Say Never” , not until one day, my family and I decided to travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a place so close to home, that I would've never thought we would get lost. With one car following the other, one of which was my grandmother's car and the other which was my aunt's car, the highways began to get overwrought and clustered. Since my aunt always traveled, we decided to let her conduct my grandmother and I along the way. As we got closer and closer to Tuscaloosa, my grandmother decided that she knew her way and elapsed my aunt on the highway. I honestly had faith that she would conduct us in the right direction and get us there safely until my phone rang, and I answered to my sister saying, “Where are you guys? We're here!” I glanced at my grandmother and asked her…show more content…
As she pulled over, I adjusted my seat so not a soul could see me; I was mortified. My grandmother plunged her window down and bellowed to some lady saying, “Hey, could you help me find the exit to Tuscaloosa.” I didn't know who the lady was, but for some odd reason my grandmother kept reiterating herself. I elevated my head up to examine who she was talking to and just shook my head saying, “Grandma, she can't understand you, she's Chinese.” My grandmother then went to another woman and asked her if she could help her find the exit, and the woman said yes. The woman gave us effortless directions saying, “ Okay, when I turn off on this next exit, you guys keep straight, and the next exit is the one you will turn off.” We followed the lady, but my seat was still tilted backwards so no one would see my face, and all of a sudden my grandmother said, “ I'm lost again.” I got up and noticed that the lady had turned off and my grandmother turned off with her instead of keeping straight and turning off the next exit like the woman had told us to

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