Personal Narrative-My Epic Switcharooney

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My Epic Switcharooney Me and my dad were having fun at a cool Chinese restaurant, but that all was about to change. Everybody says that this place is cursed, but I think it is a pretty cool place. We have tons of fortune cookies, but we have a weird glowing one, it looked the most intriguing so we opened it. It says that you will be switching places with a person near you in one minute. 50 seconds has passed, and we are starting to feel sick, I do not know why but I feel taller and everyone else looks smaller. “Oh my” I expressed, it actually switched us. Day one in my new body, I get to go to work ya. I get to program games, engines, and everything you can think of. Let us go to work. Something seems off about this work nobody is here, and there is a tube that says transporter. While I am doing this my dad gets the wonderful joy of being bored. I decided to step in the transporter, and I start feeling queasy, I start blasting through the transporter, and I came to a…show more content…
And as all this is happening I realize that my dad is an undercover spy, working for a secret agency, like Perry the Platypus. I am going on my journey when I come across a weird pile of leaves, I do not know but something is peculiar about this pile of leaves. As I am thinking this Johnny Appleseed jumps out of the leaves and starts attacking me. Silly Johnny, the agency gave me a ray gun. I shoot him and he disappears. I do not think that was actually him, he looked a little bit too sophisticated, oh well I will just continue my journey. It turns out it was all a test, even the Chinese restaurant, everybody was in on it. The Johnny Appleseed was a fake, he was a worker at the agency, and the gun was actually a teleporter gun, he teleported safe and sound back here. They thought I did amazing, so they recruited me for the spy agency, now I can for real do all these

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