Personal Narrative: Moving Back To Caster

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Discovering that I was leaving my hometown of Caster, Georgia was the most enlightening news I have ever heard. Before I returned back to Caster, it was just another tumble-weed town that offered no path to advance in life. I was happy to get away from my childhood acquaintances that were never true friends and move away to the busy city of Penceville, Georgia which is located just north of Atlanta. I was moving to Penceville because my mom had just gotten married and my step dad lived there. Leaving Caster meant I was leaving my dad and grandparents even though I planned to visit bi-weekly. Moving away to a new place can be exciting, and open doors for new chapters in the book of life but sometimes it could also mean giving up the place you…show more content…
I became more socially cultured since I was living in a big city. I met a lot of people from very different backgrounds as well as people from all over the world. What became a challenge for me was when I moved back to Caster mostly everyone had not seen the world as I had. It was arduous trying to befriend the people I once grew up with. I had spent 4 years of my life gaining new friends and building friendships that I thought would last me well into high school. I had best friends that were people who actually cared about me and gave me a chance to shine my true colors. It was absolutely heart wrenching to leave my friends that I spent years building friendships with. When I started school back in Caster almost no one remembered me, not even my so called friends I had before I moved. It was hard adjusting to moving back to the town I wanted to escape from, but even more so difficult starting over. I had to make all new friends and get used to everything all over again. Even though mostly everyone faces adversity when it comes to making true friends, you will learn that the ones that really care will stick around no matter what. I learned that repeated change is difficult and hard to adjust to but as long as you have the strength and a good mindset you can accomplish

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