Personal Narrative: Jeremey's Story

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My brother went into the hospital in the Winter of 2013 and it has been a rollercoaster ever since. I used to think that Jeremey was the annoying little brother that every older sister had. He would always want to hangout around my friends and me. He was helping me move furniture in the basement for a Christmas party that I was going to have. Halfway through he told me he could not do it anymore and he was sweating and breathing heavy and I just made fun of him and told him that he was out of shape. The next day was the day of the party, the entire family was working around the house so we could get everything ready. While they were cleaning I took the dogs outside on the leash since there was snow I did not want them to get all muddy. I heard a loud bang happen inside the house and think nothing of it since they are cleaning. My mom runs outside and says to me, “Your brother passed out and is laying on the floor. An ambulance is on its way!”…show more content…
We found out that Jeremey had a heart condition, and the reason he was getting all sweaty and out of breath was because half of his heart was collapsed with fluid. The following week he was down there they had to keep draining his heart of the fluid because it continued to come back and could have been life threatening if it was not drained. We also got to spend Christmas in the hospital with him. Once he got sent home we thought it would be over until two weeks later he was hospitalized again for his condition. He was in and out of the hospital for weeks on end and it finally ended up being

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