Lili And Guy Talks: Appreciative For Guy

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A man has a very stressful role when looking at it from society’s point of view. He must feed, clothe, and shelter his family. This is expensive and takes a toll on him. He must have a supportive wife while doing so. Lili and Guy had unfortunate circumstances; she has an optimistic attitude throughout the story. She is appreciative for Guy and their family together. On many occasions Lili and her family walk down to this field near home after supper. She replies to a question of his with a grateful response, “I am here with my husband, you are here to protect me if anything happens.” Going to this field to have a family bonding moment, where she feels safe and secure, is best for their situation. With little to no income, they are making the…show more content…
Lili explains that to Guy by saying, “People don’t eat riches, they eat what it can buy. A man is judged by his deeds. The boy never goes to bed hungry for as long as he’s been with us, he’s always been fed.” No matter what the circumstances, as a team, they have not let the boy go hungry. Guy asked a very negative question that Lili could have replied to in multiple demeaning ways. Instead she brought his negative question into a positive response. She explains money does not mean as much as Guy thinks it does, as long as their boy is happy and fed at night. Unappreciative people do not thank someone for something that is done, directly or indirectly. She never directly says thank you to Guy, but everyone is appreciative in different ways. In hard times, some tend to look to their left. They become aware of others who have much more than themselves and starts to compare. This makes it much more difficult to appreciate when one looks at life like this. However, Lili realizes it could be worse. She does not get jealous, she does not demean her husband, or make him feel like less of a man. They make due in other ways. If she truly did not love or appreciate Guy she has nothing stopping her from leaving her husband and marrying someone

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