Personal Narrative-It's Wrong With The Beast

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“Is something wrong with the beast?” my little brother Grantham asks. “No” I reply, “that is just what all the beasts look like.” “Really?” he responds, trying to not look straight at it. “Yes, it's normal for this species to look like that. Just, don't stare anymore, because then it might take something else of ours.” I answer, grab Grantham’s hand, and we run off to tell my parents about what we just witnessed. I am sure you are wondering what or who the beast is, so here is the whole story, from head to toe. “We’re on a SOUTH AFRICAN SAFARI!” I yell as I jump out of the twelve person van, taking down my little cousins, Anna and Peter, and tripping my mom. Grantham is right behind me, screaming and running towards the huts that we are staying in. We both run inside and jump on…show more content…
“Emma” my dad says as he crouches down and wonders if his daughter is right in the head, “that tree is not moving and there is nothing around it.” I whip my head around and notice that the beast tree is still, not even moving from the steady breeze that is blowing sand up against my shins. “Ok, maybe it was just a big gust of wind” I say reluctantly, still believing that the beast is watching and I scurry off with Grantham to reduce my chances of another beast sighting today. It’s not till the next day that I hear the beast again. Grantham and I are sitting outside the huts, eating an afternoon snack of potato chips, chocolate milk, and oranges we bought off the guy who ran up to our car in the middle of the highway selling fruit. My dad was out with us a few minutes ago, but then he got a work call so he went inside and is now watching us through the window. “Emma, look! That bush is shaking!” Grantham says while he jumps and points all while sitting

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