Alcohol In Workplace

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Drinking in the workplace Alcohol plays a major role in the culture of workplaces and various social functions. In the event of organizational or employee success, people usually take alcohol as a form of celebration. Within workplaces, some employees may use alcohol as a form of relief from stress. In the workplaces, alcohol contributes to significant health, economic, and social costs. Various ethical, economic, legal, and safety reasons show the need to prevent the intake of alcohol within workplaces. The reasons are based on the belief that people within workplaces have a duty of ensuring that the workplace is safe and healthy. Drinking alcohol within the workplace has various historical backgrounds, theories and causes, and it affects…show more content…
It occurred naturally in decaying fruits and fermenting grain bowls where natural sugar combined with yeast. Even though alcohol was discovered in an accidental manner, people learned how to make it. Various cultures began producing beverages containing alcohol. The first alcohol recipe was designed 5000 years ago in modern Iraq. The alcoholic drinks were used as part of social celebration, conflict resolution, spiritual purposes, and as medicine. Historically, heavy drinking was not considered bad so long as the intoxicated people behaved in ways that conformed to the social order (Korhonem, 2004). Even though it has been argued that some Americans did not know alcohol until Europeans arrival, some tribes in South America had produced it and used it in ceremonial rituals. The Inuit culture did not know alcohol until the arrival of the Europeans. This was because their environments did not have ingredients that were necessary for the production of alcohol. They did not have the knowledge on the right levels of alcohol consumption or the effective ways of consuming it. The Inuit were traders and played a major role in the spreading of the culture of alcohol drinking across the US (Korhonem,
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