Personal Narrative: Greece

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Greece Greece has more than 2,000 islands, and when I was younger, I was fortunate enough to have the most memorable trip there. By far the most interesting vacation, I’ve been on with my family. But there was one special day I remember the most about the trip. That was the day we got to snorkel in the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen. It didn’t end there; it then followed by a hike up a huge hill to see extraordinary ruins. The beginning of this day we had rented a sail boat along with a captain. He explained the procedures of the boat, and then went on to explain the rest of the day. We were all ready to go so we set sail. We then got to a certain spot in the ocean and stopped. He said that this specific spot was a great snorkeling area. I got all my gear on then stopped before jumping off the boat. The water around us was so clear and blue I could see straight down to the bottom of the…show more content…
There were three of them and it was crazy that they were just swimming along side our boat. After a few minutes of that, they then took their own course and swam off. About an hour later we had arrived to the island. He said we were free to go and do as we please. Well my aunt had read about these ruins up on a hill and wanted to go check them out. So we got a cab and drove into town where these ruins were. When we got dropped off and saw where we needed to go, we saw multiple groups of others hiking the hill as well. We pretty much just started following. Once we got to the top there were amazing ruins to see. Some groups had paid for a guide who talked about the history of them. We would either stop and listen or read the little signs in front of the ruins. It was amazing learning the history and how they use to live back them. But of course all great days have to come to an end. After the hike we went back down the hill and ate dinner. Then we all set off to our

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