Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To India '

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I had heard the old cliché about how when you first arrive in India, it’s like stepping into an oven. But this hadn’t prepared me for the fact that when you first arrive in India it is like stepping into an oven. Delhi Airport was incredible. That number of people simply couldn’t fit v into such a small place and not end up eating each other. All of a sudden someone brushed past me, almost knocking me over. “Hey”, I said frustrated. I couldn’t see who it was but at least I heard a sorry. I continued walking towards the entrance so I could get out of the airport. I looked around to see where my taxi was. After looking around I finally found a guy holding my name. We greeted and put all my luggage in the car. The hotel I was staying at was about an hour away, the hotel wasn’t too expensive, but it was quite nice from the pictures I saw.…show more content…
I really was happy I finally came to India. I put on my headphones and enjoyed the ride. After a long ride, we were finally at the hotel. It really looked amazing, better than the pictures and I got really excited with this trip. I honestly didn’t plan what I was going to do, but I knew it was gonna be a good trip. It was already getting late, so I unpacked my stuff and went on a walk through the hotel. It was bigger than I expected and it looked really good. It was detailed in a simple way which made it look elegant. After a while I felt hungry, I had all inclusive so I went to the hotel’s own restaurant. Because it was so much to choose between I ended up having two plates of food, I hadn’t eaten anything since the flight and it wasn’t much of a lunch. After I fine meal I went up to my room. It was dark outside by now so I brushed my teeth and put on my pyjamas. I watched some TV until I fell

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