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It was a warm day out there in the desert of Saudi arabia. Even though it was in the winter but in Saudi arabia there is nothing such as a cold day. I wake up at 5 O’clock I remember the feeling I had, nervous but excited. My body was shacking I did not want to talk or speak with anyone I was telling anyone who wants to speak with me that I was saving my energy to the race. All what I what I was thinking about that today is the day . The minute the race starts I will start a battle against myself. The scary part was that I got injured the day before the half marathon; However, I did not tell my friends or my family about it not because I knew if I have told them, they would not have let me to participate in the race. I think because I was nervous I even forgot all about it since all what I was thinking of is the race.…show more content…
I still remember the road to the racing center I remember every turn even the cars I can remember every car I sew . For forty five minutes all what I was doing is imagining myself finishing the race. Though I was alone in the car but still I was hearing my friend yelling at me on the end of the race “ faster,faster you can do it”. When I looked down at my legs were barely moving and my heart was beating so hard and loud that made it hard to hear my friend’s voices. Suddenly, I was at the race start point. Once the counting started my heart started to beat so hard, too hard that made me feel like it was going to jump of my

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