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“It was the best of times, It was the worst of times,” this quote from Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities” sums up the summer of 2015 for me. I remember it was the beginning of summer, mid May, the snow that covered the ground was finally gone. The bitter cold of winter was just a memory and the birds were starting to come around again. The grass was a brilliant green, the buds on the trees had turned to leaves. The temperature outside was just right for wearing shorts again. I was anxious for summer to begin. My goal to get 100% completion in my courses before my birthday had been reached! Mom was busy getting us ready for a road trip to Grandma’s; she had already gotten permission to get out of school early. I was going to have two extra weeks of summer break; needless to say I was proud of my accomplishment and happy to get…show more content…
It was as if a thunderstorm had entered the house and lightning was about to strike at any time. The air was heavy and one look at mom’s face and I instantly knew I was in trouble. Mom had been on the phone when I left and she was just hanging up as I walked in from my ride. She had a pretty angry look on her face when she looked at me it really kind of scared me. “Zach, would you care to explain what you have been doing on the kindle the school sent you this year?” “Nothing new, Mom.” “Have you downloaded a new game?” “Yeah, a couple, I’ve been playing Dragonvale it’s so awesome, they gave me a million free gems! I’m at level 21!” “Well Zach, those gems weren’t free. In fact I just got off the phone with Amazon and those gems cost me $2,400.00” “Whaaaat, No Way! They just asked if I wanted them, and I said yes. It never said it was gonna cost anything. It just asked if I wanted them, I get them all the time!” “Yeah, I know that, according to Amazon you just asked for them 196
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