Perseus-Personal Narrative

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The day was stormey like the day Perseus died. We couldn’t see anything through the rain except for one ray of light through the clouds. Dylan, my brother, was telling me not to be scared ,but the black figure following us was charging. Creeping fast and silently. Every Time I looked back the monstrous looking figure was closer. We wouldn’t stop running. It felt like I was running a 3200 meter dash. We followed the light for absolutely no reason ,but the fact that it may be sent down by the gods. When I couldn’t see the figure anymore I stopped to catch my breath ,and Dylan stopped with me. I could smell rain ,see lightning ,feel the rain ,taste rain , and hear thunder. Zeus was trying to beat us down so that the figure would catch us. The…show more content…
I looked at Dylan and said, “ We should run!” He said, “ Noooooo I can’t run anymore my lungs are dying. Let’s hide behind those bags.” So I listened to my older brother ,and hid. I tumbled over one of the bags and cheeseburgers went everywhere. I was so scared that we stumbled over the creatures dinner. Dylan didn’t make it as easy. The creature picked him up and threw him about twenty feet. That’s when I saw the face of Hades the god of the underworld. He started towards me. When a bolt of lightning hit him. Zeus himself sent down his sword so that I could protect myself and Dylan. I was right under the one beam of light with no rain in my face ,dripping wet I picked up the sword and cut Hades in half. His body disappeared and reappeared in just seconds. Dylan got up and said,” Run get the hell out of here.” So I did Hades only focused on me and Dylan went home to hopefully get help. As I was running I got a tingling feeling in my body. I turned around to face Hades and I did my battle cry. ” Lololololololol!” He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me. He gave me a look of him ready to go to war. I smiled and started towards him. He got the first slash and I got tossed

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