Perioperative Annual Evaluation

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The journal article titled Perioperative Employee Annual Evaluations: A 30-Second Process discussed on the new formats of the measures of evaluation that is introduced by the manager at one of the hospital located near to Chicago, which is at The Community Hospital in Munster, Indiana used to evaluate the performance of the employees in the organization. The process of the evaluation that done by the manager of the hospital takes about 30 seconds to complete and to get the most actual performance of the employees after several practices. As the hospital is using the evaluation form that was prepared by the hospital and are currently still using it, this has led to some problems, complaints and also being questioned by the employees. Thus, to…show more content…
The introduction of a new and better formats of the evaluation to be used in the organization is done due to the problems that occurred from the current evaluation formats used and also to respond to the complaints and questions which has arisen from the employees. For the time being, the manager is currently using the evaluation form that is provided by the hospital, without any improvement, for many years back. Thus, these are some problems and complaints that occurred. First and foremost, the current evaluation form that being used was complained that the rating scales is incompetent to evaluate the performance of nurse. For instance, they feel that the evaluation has been always focus more on evaluating the negative behaviours rather than the positive behaviour, such as the evaluation of the number of shift that they have missed but do not concentrate on evaluating the number of extra shift that they have…show more content…
The first strategy is the manager himself has get involved in designing the performance management system. Besides that, by improving the evaluation format, the manager is able to set expectations for the future performance that the employee should achieve and lastly, the article also emphasize on the statement that manager is responsible for the performance of their employee. For example, the manager should give feedback to the employees about their current performance, weaknesses and strengths so that performance of the employees can be improve in the future. Last but not least, there are some positive impacts of improved evaluation form. First, the complaint from the employees has stopped and the have high satisfaction towards the new performance management

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