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On September 11, 2001 our nation was forever changed; some changes were temporary while some proved to be more enduring transformations. Some of the changes I saw were tightening security for air travel, international tourism to America fell for three years, and most vital the Patriot Act. As many of you know I stand for three natural rights: life, liberty, and property. Due to my strong feelings towards this I completely disagree with this act for the following reasons I have discussed below. The first issue would be that it abuses individuals’ liberty entirely. This act permits the government to uphold secret investigations, a statue that was extended by the Patriot Act, occur in total secrecy, with almost no information discharged to the general population. This should be altered with more public data so we know how much is gathered and how it is gathered. Otherwise, we are left completely in the dark which is just not right.…show more content…
They can record every call you make and every email you send or receive. They don’t even need evidence that you are a suspect. This violates the right to liberty, but it could be fixed with just endorsement to monitor, which should only be granted when a judge finds there is motivation to trust it is essential. The third issue would be the expansive definition of terrorism in the patriot act. It’s so broad that someone committing a misdemeanor could wind up being named a terrorist, therefore facing serious consequences. I feel that only the most genuine law violations should be considered terrorism. This is another infringement of freedom and to some degree property in the case someone’s assets got taken away from him or her. That power is so immense it could easily be taken advantage of by so many people as

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