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The goal of most business strategies is focused on decreasing costs and increasing revenues, thereby allowing for maximum profit growth, but Patagonia, Inc, development marked by the values and beliefs of its founder, Chouinard,seems to run counter to this assumption. Patagonia has maintained their focus on satisfying the stakeholders of the community by producing products made from eco-friendly materials,environment remained the primary focus. It is obvious that Patagonia strives to live out its mission statement where they stated their commitment to preserving the environment and making the best quality goods every day and it has worked for them to an extent. Notwithstanding that every organization’s goal is to maximize profit, Patagonia, Inc, has demonstrated how strong company mission, values and ethical standard can make a company to be successful. Also, they have been able to challenge a conventional way of doing business and present a new style of responsible business.…show more content…
In addition, their overall strategy is to develop high quality products that are aesthetic, respective of the environment and command prices that are 20% above their competitors, they successfully built a brand without heavy marketing, as matter of fact, their strategy supports and aligns their core values. Their choice of diversification is to their product line and increase in its efforts to host and sponsor numerous environmental initiations throughout the year, for a example they donate a portion of its revenue to environmental cases and uses recycled, and organic material in producing its

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