Pat Conroy Letter To English Teacher

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On October 24, 2007, One Pat Conroy sent a letter containing his thoughts on a group of parents who were trying to suppress his books because they were inappropriate for children. His reaction to the outcry against his books and insults upon his work by concerned guardians was simple. He shamed them and praised teachers and education, granting himself the higher moral ground to laugh at them try and keep his words from the world. Pat Conroy create a masterpiece of persuasive writing, making it famous to the classrooms of English teachers from then on. His letter filled to the brim with sympathy grabbers, reaction makers, and well crafted empathic paragraphs to win over his readers and inspire his readers to higher lengths. Pat starts his letter by introducing how he learned of the group by mentioning an email sent from one Makenzie Hatfield. He continues on with a statement talking about how the group is attempting to stop the “teachings” within two of his books. The beginning of Conroy’s manipulations starts at this line, as the use of the word “teach” associates his books with learning, and therefore, with something good. This link…show more content…
He recounts an issue one of his teachers had bearing a similar resemblance to his own situation. The words used to describe his own tutelage and how he was pushed to be better gives the reader reason to care for the teacher. When he introduces the similarity between the past and the present, he spends little time on it, rather moving on to the funeral of his great teacher. His comments about Gene’s will along with the mentioning of his death is unnecessary alone, but when paired with an insult to the “cowardly” school it works well. Pat’s words inciting an even greater reaction from the readers, as it involves the death of a person close to the author, who they have come to like for indiscernible

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