Examples Of Psychoanalytic Theory In The Fall Of House Of User

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Psychoanalytic theory incorporates instinct and desire, and with that desire comes the behavior in which it can be satisfied and take actions into directions, into a singular concept of instinct. If satisfaction of an instinct threatens someone via their ego, repression in that individual comes into play. From this the idea of repression then is transformed to the persons sub-conscious. Edgar Allen Poe’s short story the “Fall of House of User” has many different examples of Psychoanalytic theory embedded throughout the story. When looking at “Fall of House of User” there are many themes central to Poe’s Argument. The story goes as a man suffers from “a sense of insufferable gloom” when going to the house of his bed ridden friend Roderick, who called upon him after a long drought in the two seeing one another.…show more content…
Let us first start with the sense of depression found within Roderick upon the guest meeting up with him at his home. He showcases the characteristics of being both having no desire and will to live as well as deep sadness, which is taking a toll on both his mental and physical health. Fruedian theories are either directly or indirectly concerned with the nature of the unconscious mind. As the supposedly “sane” human mind, was conscious and rational, only at times, and even then at possibly one level. He further suggests that the powers motivating men and women are mainly and normally unconscious, leading to believing that the human mind is dual in nature. This can be associated with the underlying depression found within Roderick upon the guest arriving at the home. His depression correlates with the nature of the subconscious mind, as it is an underlying aspect of his life. His depression has completely taken over his mindset and plunged him into a state of decay slowly killing him both mentally and

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