Ozone Layer Reaction Paper

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THE OZONE LAYER The chapter introduces the ozone layer and the role of Sun’s UV radiations. 2.1 Ozone in earth’s atmosphere Ozone is a gas found in the earth’s atmosphere which contains three Oxygen atoms. Ozone molecule is formed when Oxygen radical, formed by UV radiation striking on an Oxygen molecule splitting it into two oxygen radicals, combines with Oxygen molecule. Also, the ozone molecule decomposes, by the UV radiation, into oxygen molecule and oxygen radical. Chemically this can be shown as below: O2 + hvUV → 2 O O + O2 ↔ O3 Ozone is present in the atmosphere from the ground level up to 50 km altitude and higher. However, most of the ozone is in the stratosphere between 15 km and 30 km above the earth’s surface. This ozone rich region is called Ozone layer. About 90 percent of the ozone in our atmosphere is contained in the stratosphere. The thickness of the ozone layer varies by a large factor worldwide, being smaller near the equator and larger towards the poles. It also depends upon the season, being larger in springs than in autumn. The reasons for this dependence is complicated which can be associated to atmospheric…show more content…
UV-B radiation can be harmful to the skin and is the main cause of sunburn; excessive exposure can also cause cataracts, immune system suppression, and genetic damage, resulting in problems such as skin cancer. The ozone layer (which absorbs from about 200 nm to 310 nm with a maximal absorption at about 250 nm) is very effective at screening out UV-B; for radiation with a wavelength of 290 nm, the intensity at the top of the atmosphere is 350 million times stronger than at the Earth's surface. Nevertheless, some UV-B, particularly at its longest wavelengths, reaches the surface, and is important for the skin's production of vitamin

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