Boo Radley Dialectical Journal

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As I was reading the first chapter I predict that the children will not meet Boo Radley, because he is locked up. Mainly I think they wont meet him is because Boo has been locked up in courthouse basement. No one had the heart to lock Boo up in jail along side the black folks. The reason Boo is even locked up is because, one day he was cutting photos out of a magazine for his scrapbook, and he stabbed Mr. Radley in the leg with scissors. Mrs. Radley came screaming into the road “he’s going to kill us all.” Ever since then the doors of their house were closed on weekdays and Sundays. The Radley family didn’t go to church and worshiped at home, and never opened the shutters over their windows. The townsmen say Boo exists, but Jem, Scout, and…show more content…
The Ewell’s are the part of the community where then kid of do what they want and no one will argue with them. The Ewell people only go to school once a year. “Been comin’ to the first day o’ the first grade fer three year now” “reckon if I’m smart this year they’ll promote me to the second...”(Lee 36). They only come the first day because the rest of the year they have to do the family work on the farms. Scout is getting mad because she only wants to go to school for one day out of the year, but she knows better. The people of Maycomb would shame the Finch’s. Not only would they get upset that they are not going to school it is also against the law in Maycomb. The Ewell’s have been a disgrace to the Maycomb town for three generations. No one likes these people because they don’t have any respect for anyone beside themselves. Also because they haven’t done a full days work for as log as he people of Maycomb could remember. Burris Ewell is a disgusting and a disruptive person. He is filthy. “Neck wad dark grey, the backs of his hands were rusty, and his fingernails were black deep into the quick”(Lee 35). Miss Caroline almost had a heart attack when she saw Burris. She saw something crawling out of his hair. It was lice. Burris Ewell has head lice. She tried telling Burris to go home and take a bath but Burris god angry and started yelling at Miss Caroline. Burris is the type of child who gets what he wants, and the Ewell’s are people who don’t like being told off. When Miss Caroline told him to go and sit down he freaked out. “You try and make me, missus”(Lee 36) He walked out of the classroom being disrespectful to Miss C yelling at her as he was walking down the hallway. Calling her names so that very classroom could hear him. The Ewell’s don’t socialize with people that often not only because people don’t like them, but because they don’t know how to talk to people. He also isn’t smart, because he does only show up to class

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