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Animation, is a hand made drawings, paintings, or illustrations that is photographed by frame usually for 24 frames per second. Charles Solomon, in his book Enchanted Drawing (1989) also stated that, although animation is described as filmmaking techniques, animation has been synonymous with drawn cartoons throughout most of its history. Animation has been historical for us as it even started as early as in paleolithic cave paintings. This can be found on a dish that found in The Burnts City of Iran. There is five pictures painted around it that demonstrate the animation of animal jumping towards tree. Throughout the early years of animation, there is like five known tools used to make an animation. The first is Thaumatrope which was invented…show more content…
With his first animated film produced, he is known as the predecessor of animation in America. From Humurous Phases of Funny Faces, we can see how Blackton use two medium to achieve what we had called animation on that day. By using blackboard and chalk drawing combine with cutouts technique shot frame by frame, its became the first known example of animation. But eventhough he use technique that resembles him to animation, the animation he made doesnt have a storyline as it is for fun and it is just to show his drawing skills. That also one of the many reason this film isnt considered as the first animated film by…show more content…
The film actually consisted about stick figure mostly. The technique applied is only using a drawing that combined, changed and fluidly changing of image one to another. Along history, there has been many techniques used in animation like traditional hand-drawn animation, puppet clay, cut-out and the most recent, computer animation. . Emile Cohl in his animation included the ideas of surrealism and abstraction in his film Fantasmagorie, and using the hand-drawn

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