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Emily Cosler Mrs. Leonard Junior AP English January 25th, 2015 Huckleberry Finn Outline I. Introduction A. Published in the late 1800’s Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, highlights topics we now see as issues. B. While the majority of people choose to focus on the issues of racism and slavery, the portrayal of women is often overlooked. C. More emphasis is placed on the word nigger, than the sexual discrimination women faced in this time. D. Thesis: Often overlooked in favor of racial issues, the portrayal of women is discriminatory and stereotypical accurately representing the views on women in the late 1800’s. II. Body Paragraph #1 A. Miss Watson 1. Miss Watson is the stereotypical image of old, lonely…show more content…
She is strict and tries to force Huck to conform to “civilized” ways. This comes off as very demanding and bitter, exactly what an old made is pictured as. 3. She’s a bossy slave owner with too many rules for Huck. Miss Watson is the main reason Huck dreads becoming “civilized”. B. Widow Douglas 1. Widow Douglas is basic and kind, very tolerable by Huck’s standards. 2. Although she isn’t cruel and demanding like Watson, she is still a slave-owner. 3. Being portrayed as nothing more than kind, it’s easy to see that Twain would rather spend his time developing other characters. Characters that all seem to be male. III. Body Paragraph #2 A. Wilks Sister 1. The biggest joke of the book is played on the sisters because they are portrayed as extremely dumb. 2. The duke and the king would have most likely escaped with all the majority of their money without Huck’s help. 3. However, Huck only helps them because the oldest Mary Jane, is pretty and he develops a small crush on her. 4. Are women anything more than their looks? IV. Body Paragraph #3 A. Sally Phelps 1. Mrs. Phelps is the epitome of an 1800’s housewife. She is completely dependent on her husband. 2. She takes care of the home and all the children that go

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