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Alison Dilaurentis, also known as Ali, is the main character in Pretty Little Liars TV series. Alison, who is a high school student at Rosewood, is known for her flawless beauty: blue eyes, medium length blonde hair, and fair skin. Ali was never an ordinary person; in fact, she was the Queen Been of her entire school. Alison was an angle walking on earth, yet behind her glories hides a villain. Alison’s personality is so complicated that even her closest friends and family members failed to understand her. Alison always wanted attention and enjoyed the spot light very much. She is self-centered to the extent where she planned and fabricated her own murder and disappearance! Throughout the show, Alison is consisted of a unique and uncommon character, where she is pretending to be more than one person at once. She had attained different identities and used names like Vivian Darkbloom, Rebecca Kelly, and of course “A” to conceal herself while she disappeared. Her closest friends, whom are all four females -also known as liars, agreed Alison is controlling, full of secrets, and often cruel. Multiple times…show more content…
She has done bizarre actions without giving much explanation to why she committed them. Until this point, it is still unclear the motives behind her vanishing. Without any doubts, Ali knew everyone’s secrets, but no one was able to figure her secrets. In addition, Alison for the most part is a static character. Alison has a history of unaccepted behaviors like lying, steeling, and even killing. Even after Alison returned, she was not apologetic or regretful; she only wanted to defend herself. Since the plot is not concluded yet, some audience may compose the possibility that that Alison is also a dynamic character. From my perspective, I disagree with this assumption because Alison’s personality is not likely to change or improve, but you can only guess on the

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